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Group photo from the Advancing RAS/RASopathies Therapies (ART) Kickoff Meeting

Advancing RAS/RASopathies Therapies (ART) Kickoff Meeting, at the National Institutes of Health, February 2019

Pictured above, from front left to top right

Front row from left: Karlyne Reilly (NCI), Dominic Esposito (NCI), Megan Frone (NCI), Dawn Siegel (Medical College of Wisconsin), Lisa Schoyer (RASopathies Net), Deborah Morrison (NCI), Beth Stronach (RASopathiesNet), Katherine Rauen (UC Davis)

Middle row from left: Jung Kim (NCI), Michael Sargen (NCI), Eric Legius (Leuven), Eva Dombi (NCI), Staci Martin (NCI), Bruce Gelb (Mount Sinai), Marielle Yohe (NCI), Andrea Gross (NCI), Pam Wolters (NCI), Heather Thompson (California State University), Paul Randazzo (NCI), Lisa Schill (RASopathiesNet)

Back row from left: Scott Paul (NIH), Brigitte Widemann (NCI), Joanne Derdak (NCI) Alex Pemov (NCI), Sharon Savage (NCI), Karen Gripp (Nemours Children’s), Dina Zand (FDA), Douglas Stewart (NCI), Mignon Loh (UCSF), Laryssa Huryn (NEI)

NCI = National Cancer Institute; RASopathiesNet = RASopathies Network USA; UC Davis = University of California, Davis; Mount Sinai = Mount Sinai Health System; NIH = National Institutes of Health; Nemours Children’s = Nemours Children’s Health System; US FDA = Food and Drug Administration; UCSF = University of California, San Francisco; and NEI = National Eye Institute.

This study is designed and led by a team of experts from the Clinical Genetics Branch (CGB), Pediatric Oncology Branch both of the National Cancer Institute which is part of the National Institutes of Health.

Headshot of Douglas Stewart

Douglas Stewart, MD

Dr. Stewart is a physician-scientist with expertise in internal medicine and medical genetics. His research is focused on characterizing familial cancer syndromes and developing new approaches to reduce the risk of cancer in families with these syndromes.

Headshot of Andrea M. Gross

Andrea M. Gross, MD

Dr. Gross is a pediatric oncologist who focuses on clinical trials research and tumor predisposition syndromes. Her areas of expertise include developing  outcome measures for tumor predisposition syndromes and working with rare disease patient advocates to increase patient engagement in clinical trial design.

Headshot of Gina Ney

Gina Ney, MD, PhD

Dr. Ney is a physician-scientist who is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric hematology/oncology. She has a particular interest in the intersection of Ras mutations, metabolic reprogramming, and cell fate decisions.

Headshot of Marielle E. Yohe

Marielle E. Yohe, MD, PhD

Dr. Yohe is a physician-scientist whose research focuses on understanding the development of pediatric cancers. She is actively engaged in translational research aimed at targeting signaling pathways downstream of small GTPases, such as RAS, in rhabdomyosarcoma and neuroblastoma.

Headshot of Sharon A. Savage

Sharon A. Savage, MD

Dr. Savage is Chief of the Clinical Genetics Branch and medical advisor to the study; she supervises all genetic studies in the program. Dr. Savage is board certified in pediatrics and pediatric hematology/oncology.

Headshot of Brigitte C. Widemann

Brigitte C. Widemann, MD

Dr. Widemann is Chief of the Pediatric Oncology Branch and medical advisor to the study. Her research interests are in anticancer drug discovery and development moving towards a more rational and targeted approach. She has experience in the application of new molecularly targeted agents to the treatment of childhood cancers such as neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1).

Headshot of Margarita Aryavand

Margarita Aryavand, CAPT, USPHS, MSN, CRNP

Ms. Aryavand is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a Captain in the US Public Health Service. She is the lead clinician on the RASopathies study.

Headshot of Megan Frone

Megan Frone, MS, CGC

Ms. Frone is a Genetic Counselor and provides genetic education and counseling to study participants and conducts research in these areas across many protocols.

Headshot of Laura A. Harney

Laura A. Harney, RN, BSN

Ms. Harney is a nurse with over 20 years of combined experience in clinical and research nursing. Her primary focus has been in hematology/oncology nursing. She will be one of the research nurses on the RASopathies study. She has worked on similar family genetic studies since 2008.

Headshot of Stephanie Steinbart

Stephanie Steinbart, RN, MPH

Ms. Steinbart was a research nurse who served as CGB’s referral nurse. She retired in January 2023 after 22 years of dedication.

Headshot of Cecilia Higgs

Cecilia Higgs, MHS

Ms. Higgs is a Program Manager in the Clinical Genetics Branch. She leads the study management aspects of the RASopathies study.

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